Gelder & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1953 by Clarence Gelder to manufacture and pour concrete, By 1968, the company had transitioned from concrete to asphalt by erecting its first asphalt plant. By 1972, the company had moved to its present location in southern Wake County. Clyde Marsh purchased the company in 1983. He retired in 2005 and sold the company to his three sons — Bill, George, and Bob.

In an industry that saw much consolidation in recent decades, Gelder & Associates, Inc. stands as an exception. The owners of the company are not distantly related family members or foreign construction conglomerates. The owners of Gelder are not absentee shareholders who convene quarterly. They are not hundreds of miles away or in different time zones. Asphalt is not a division of some larger multistate construction company. Gelder is different.

When you work with Gelder & Associates, Inc. on your project, you will deal either with one of the owners or someone who reports directly to one of them. We are hands-on, sometimes-hands-dirty, in the business every day. Our clients’ success is our success.

From humble beginnings 63 years ago, today Gelder employs nearly 100 people. Many of these are longtime employees and there are also a remarkable number of second-generation family members working for the company. Our 350 ton per hour asphalt plant with three silos provides our own crews, subcontractors, and outside customers with a full range of virgin and recycled (up to 40%) asphalt mixes. All of these mixes are manufactured and installed under the oversight of our quality assurance staff of both Level I and Level II technicians trained and certified by NCDOT. Our recently-built asphalt laboratory building is one of the newest in the state.

We have completed numerous projects over the decades for public clients such as the Department of Defense, the NC Department of Transportation and a host of municipal governments across Wake, Johnson, and Harnett counties.

Gelder has longstanding surety relationships and can provide bid, performance, and payment bonds for any projects it undertakes.

Having undertaken thousands of projects over the past six decades, Gelder has a long record of serving clients across the Triangle. While our multi-year growth always means new clients, we are also proud of the many clients for whom we have been working for years and, in a few cases, decades. Indeed, some of these longstanding business relationships are in their second generation for both our clients and Gelder.